About my work

I like thinking that my pieces could convey messages molded  by my hands and my heart, transposing the big impact that life leaves on objects.
A handmade object talks to people in a different way.


Each ceramic piece brings with itself a small imperfection, a detail linked to the creative process which makes every piece exceptional, unique and proud to show it. Every difference that appears when making by hand  is something precious.


I produce unique pieces in limited editions. Each object is unique and entirely handmade coming from a collection marked by similar characteristics.  I pay close attention to details and no two of my textures and shapes are the same. Everything is made in my own studio in Berlin.


The touch is the key instrument which allows one to understand and approach the materials, and to read the history and the poetry which goes hand in hand with every artistic creation. Everything is aimed at creating new and exciting textures, the ability to convey with hands the same emotions perceived by the sight. In my opinion a sensorial and emotional involvement is of primary importance. A steady interaction between the user and the product which tries to remove the physical and psychological distance which is usually created between one object and the other, between a ceramic  piece and people.


Forms are essential, often free, open at the top with asymmetrical and irregular edges. I try to create simple shapes without ever losing sight of the poetry related to the creative process. I like natural simplicity.


The inspiration comes from many areas but especially from the observation of nature,  as well as poetry,  from unexpected images, sometimes from dreams. My color palette of different shades of blue, green and white glaze is influenced by  my surroundings in Como lake, where I was born and raised, I always  wish to create something  with the feeling of nature inside.